Pipe Mills

With our service centers in Europe, Asia and America, we guarantee our customers the best possible service and support. We also provide a 24-hour hotline so that our customers can reach us at any time.


The Gräbener Teleservice allows a proactive maintenance of the delivered respectively retrofitted machines.



Pipe Mills


The market demands for quality and dimensions of LSAW pipes are ever increasing. In view of these requirements a pipe mill with older machinery will encounter severe problems of competing against new pipe mills in terms of productivity, quality, media consumption etc. Machines, such as for example 3-roll bending machines or pipe forming presses, which have already been running for several years, now reach their technological limits when it comes to productivity or the capability to form high-strength material respectively plates with a heavy wall thickness.


A substitution of these outdated machines against new ones not only means high investment costs but also considerable production standstill times unless a second production line is available. The alternative: Modernization of existing machinery so that the machines are adapted to the market's requirements as far as possible and in consideration of the existing conditions. This can either be achieved in several stages so as to encumber the production as little as possible, or the modernization is realized within a set time frame for example during company holidays.


Either concept has already been realized several times for various customers worldwide with great success. We are well aware that a holistic machine respectively system approach is of great importance. Retrofitting a machine/system in only one area may lead to problems in other areas of the machine. This, of course, should be avoided at any rate.




Hydroforming en



Our experts can draw back on years of know-how in the hydroforming technology – experience that we are happy to share with our customers.


This know-how is based on the experiences gained from our hydroforming technology center with its vast press capacities. Operation and maintenance training and instructions are either carried out at our workshop or at our customers' workshops worldwide.


Hydraulic presses of each type – even those of other manufacturers – can be retrofitted to the latest technological standard at Graebener Maschinentechnik. These modernizations can also be carried out within the scope of maintenance contracts. All our service, maintenance and retrofitting works are based on the latest technological and safety standards.


The overhauling of the oil and high pressure hydraulics as well as the modernization of control and feedback control systems are major aspects of our retrofitting works. Presses retrofitted by Graebener Maschinentechnik impress with reduced loading and cycle times as well as with improved quality.


Retrofitted machines and systems are more cost efficient, productive, safer and, not least, more reliable.


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